Help LA's Youth Get Off The Streets!

After countless interviews with homeless youth from throughout Los Angeles County, the number one reason for staying on the streets for months at a time was a lack of knowledge of available homeless youth services. As a result, Good Seed reached out and coordinated with homeless youth, youth service providers, and government agencies to develop an innovative and ground-up youth focused framework for homeless youth outreach.

In the past one month, from mid-January to Present Day, and partial implementation of the MTA Homeless Youth Outreach plan. We have connected over 100 homeless youth to homeless youth shelters and services in their most vulnerable moments. We have received calls from young ladies sleeping at gas stations and looking for emergency support, to a young man who recently arrived from Louisiana in his early teens who was unaware of the cost of housing and found himself homeless.


The MTA Outreach plan has made an impact, and with support we can implement a true safety net for homeless youth throughout Los Angeles County.

Please support us today:   Your Support + Our Commitment = Safety & Support for LA’s Homeless Youth


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